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Computers have always fascinated me. I was lucky enough to be given a Macintosh computer at the age of ten. I repeatedly took it apart and put it back together, always trying to see how it worked from the inside out. Fourteen years later I am still repeating those actions.

In January of 2009 I began working as an IT Engineer at Media Temple in Los Angeles, California. Not only do I get to work with extraordinary people, but I also get to branch out and take on new and exciting projects.I believe that one of the key points in being successful in the IT field is that you should always treat your customers/employees as people and not just ticket numbers. The world of IT is rapidly changing and you need to be able to keep up with not only the technical side but the physical and social aspect as well.

Throughout my entire IT career I have been able to work on many exciting projects. My focus as of late has been on various platforms such as using Asterisk combined with Queuemetrics in a 300+ user call center, various IT monitoring systems using Observium, Icinga and Pathview Cloud, Company wide disaster planning (Long duration power/network/etc outages) as well as network and physical building security. Along with an extensive history in Information Technology, I have also become very focused in the business aspect of the field.

Developing business relationships with several vendors and consultants was key in my success. This allowed me to further develop my skills in delegation, project planning and budget awareness. I now co-manage a team of four, and have expanded my skills past our Information Technology department into managing, department financials, and department strategy.

Through out my life I have watched my father build and run his own business. He started it with his father over 40 years ago. My father has always shared his business ideas, ethics, and ways of thinking with me. When the economy was on a downward spiral, he taught me to use any and all resources available in order to keep a business operating successfully. His experience and knowledge encouraged me open my own business in IT Support.

I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my knowledge in the business and IT fields.


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Résumé / CV

To request a copy of my résumé/CV, please e-mail me here.

Testimonials / Zeugnisse

“Taylor Solazzo came to work for Media Temple in January 2009 to augment the growing IT team with his significant skill set. He hit the ground running and proved to be an incredible asset to the IT team and the company as a whole.  As Taylor arrived, we were in the process of growing the company from 60 employees to over 250, as well as setting up space in multiple sites and data centers. During this time Taylor was an absolute machine. His workload was high, but he handled it incredibly professionally, producing high quality work and pleasing anyone he would encounter with his pleasant and outgoing demeanor. Some of the highlights of Taylor’s work at Media Temple Inc. include: Taking over our growing VOIP/Asterisk-based phone system and acting as lead project manager for its development and expansion. This system and his work currently takes in over 20,000 phone calls per month from all over the world, and is nearly 100% Open Source-based, Highly Available and exceptionally performing. Additionally, Taylor showed great skill in non-technical job roles, including managing finances for a department with a very high annual spend. This included the logistics of pre-order research to shipping to installation and configuration of new hardware and software platforms. He also managed the entirety of our corporate mobility accounts with multiple vendors and was always working on ways to reduce cost while improving service availability. I cannot speak highly enough of Taylor. His knowledge, performance and growth in IT and related disciplines make him an asset to any company or department.”

— Sanford W. Scheppele, IT Manager and Department Lead, Media Temple, managed Taylor directly at Media Temple


“I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Taylor via Media Temple on a regular basis for the past four years. During this time, he has consistently upheld a professional, productive demeanor while supplying a friendly and exciting environment to work in. As a result of his eagerness to learn, Taylor maintains a deep technical understanding of enterprise-grade products and technologies. His tangible skills cover a surprisingly wide scope, giving him a mature understanding of how one decision affects multiple points in a technical ecosystem. I have learned more from Taylor than he is aware of or that he would modestly admit. He is an outstanding technical and managerial asset and I look forward to continuing our relationship.”

— Taylor Boyko, Owner, CTO, Pacific Swell Networks, Inc., was a consultant or contractor to Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor is an amazing professional. He is a patient and knowledgeable IT Engineer. Working with him on several projects he has demonstrated to me not only a complete knowledge of his field, but an ability to communicate a high level of technical information to those who are not experienced in the field at all. Taylor has demonstrated leadership qualities with his team and with others within the company. It was an honor to work with him and I would do so again anytime in the future.”

— Christina McCann, SPHR, Risk and Compliance Manager, Media Temple, managed Taylor indirectly at Media Temple


“Taylor is one of the most customer oriented IT guy I know. Hard working and a pleasure to direct.”

— John Carey, CFO, Media Temple, managed Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor is super knowledgeable about anything IT related. He is very detail oriented, prompt, and really takes his time explaining every little detail to you. He’s one of my favorite people to work with at (mt)!”

— Noelle Kessler, Marketing Coordinator, Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“I love Taylor. Taylor has a very rare combination of an amazing, infectious personality, solid professionalism, immense IT knowledge and a dependability that I haven’t found elsewhere. He is always ready to help, even being pulled in 100 different directions. Taylor is really the absolute best and I can’t recommend him enough.”

— Lilly Ngo Crick, Manager, Event and Partnership Marketing, (mt) Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“I’ve been working with Taylor for the past 2 years and can’t recommend him enough. He is a dedicated and talented IT individual who is an absolute pleasure to work with. Taylor is very knowledgable in his field and regardless of the size of the project, you can count of him to get it done. It is rare to come across such a hard working individual who solves your IT problems with a smile! Taylor ensures the rest of us can effectively perform our jobs.”

— Cindy Liang, Director of Customer Acquisition, Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor is by far the most amazing IT engineer I have ever had the pleasure of teaming up with. From the very first interaction he was extremely accommodating and patient with any and all of my requests. He is knowledgeable in all things IT and his work ethic is inspiring. Besides his wealth of knowledge and professionalism he is a joy to be around. Any organization would be lucky to have Taylor as part of their team.”

— Morgen Hooper, Executive Assistant, Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“I’ve worked with Taylor for over three years and he has been a constant positive energy at the office. Taylor is an incredibly hard worker and is often resolving an issue before anyone is even aware of it. To say he’s dedicated would be an understatement. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover a Superman outfit underneath it all!”

— Cody Trepte, Hiring Specialist, Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor is always striving to perfect anything he is involved in. His attention to detail while being able to see the overall picture is unique. I have collaborated with Taylor on many cross department projects and he has been nothing but helpful and delivered great results.”

— Tammy Stone, Office Manager, Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor and I worked together directly on a phone project for a few months. It was the kind of project that kind of made you want to tear your hair out, but he had a great attitude through the whole thing. He also is one of the “on call” people for the company, should anything go wrong, such as storms that knock out power, fires, etc. Through every situation that has come up, he has dealt with them with skill and ease. Taylor is reliable and the kind of person you want around. He has a great attitude and an ever-present smile. His expertise and ability to get things done makes him the kind of person that any company desires.”

— Shiloh Gealogo, Customer Service Project Manager, (mt) Media Temple, worked directly with Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor is an incredibly dedicated employee. He is smart, creative, resilient, reliable and has great work-ethic. He goes above and beyond what’s called for to ensure his projects are completed on time, efficiently, correctly and turn out quality results. He is kind, personable and works very well with customers, colleagues and business partners alike. He is a strong team player and has proven ability to lead. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Taylor for over three years now, first as business partners, then as colleagues. Taylor is an asset to anyone and any company he works with.”

— Erin Fuentes, Marketing Coordinator, (mt) Media Temple, worked with Taylor at Media Temple


“Taylor is a natural leader with excellent communication skills. His friendly demeanor and knowledge in his field make him an asset to the company. He is gifted in making his work environment a fun and positive place while continuing to get things done.”

— Vanessa Lorenzo, Director of Employee Experience, (mt) Media Temple, managed Taylor indirectly at Media Temple


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